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Tips for a Newcomer for Ecommerce with Facebook

There are certain strategies a newcomer to the Facebook marketplace can employ in order to be a successful seller. These should form part of the larger master plan in becoming a profitable online business. The tactics are being used by online business and have proven to work in reeling in customers.

Create a Popular Facebook Page

The first and foremost step one should take when beginning Ecommerce with Facebook is to set up a page for their business. This is the easy part and it only takes a minute to complete but the difficulty lies in making the page popular. You need thousands of people to like the page and follow your business in order to generate sufficient traffic and engagement on posts.

The Facebook page is a community of like-minded individuals that are interested in what you have to say. To attract more of these people it is important to get your message across and connect with those who want to buy your products. To grow the number of followers on your page you should be consistent with the content you post and creative with the way you share news, advertisements and updates.

Use Messenger for Customer Service

People are using Facebook to chat more than any other social media platform. This is why Facebook is emerging as an ecommerce site as well. They have modified the Messenger application for businesses to send auto-replies to assist customers. When customers visit the page and are prompted to chat with the customer service representative online they are more likely to ask questions about the product. The personal touch can help convert more sales and build a successful business.

Get Creative with the Advertisements

Ecommerce with Facebook is not just about posting regularly on your business’ page. In order to help the brand grow the posts should be accompanied with a call to action that convinces the reader to click on the post. There are ways Facebook advertisements can be used to send traffic to a website. You do not have to be a professional designer or copywriter to write a good advertisement. All you need is knowledge of the mindset of your target audience and then you can tug at their curiosity to get them to browse your store.

There are different types of formats being used to advertise on Facebook whether it is multiple photos or a video. You can position it in such a place that it catches the eye of the target demographic.

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