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What Type of Products Should You Sell on Facebook

Everyone is now on Facebook and not only can you use the site to connect with your friends but also make some extra cash on the side. One of the major reasons Facebook is emerging as a popular marketplace is the convenience it offers. You can join the website for free and there are no risks attached to setting up shop there. It is easier to get the hang of the website since you probably already use it as a social network.

Local Facebook groups and the Marketplace tab on the website is where people are now turning to for attracting sellers. They can find a group of people nearby who are looking to make budget purchases. The idea is for sellers to advertise their goods through posts and find someone who is interested.

What You Should Sell

There are certain things that sell on Facebook and some that don’t. You can try your hand at selling anything however, since there is not much to lose. But here is a list of the most popular selling categories:

  1. Popular Items:

Some goods which are always in demand can obviously be sold anywhere. You can always sell products on Facebook such as televisions, sofa sets and electronic gaming systems.

  1. Small Items

You can save on postage through Facebook which is why it is a great place to make money out of your paperback novels or DVDs. eBay puts a lot on postage which reduces profits down to nothing.

  1. Large or Fragile Items

You can also sell large items such as wardrobes, bed frame and other furniture on Facebook. If you sell within your local community you can sell items which are harder to ship long distances.

  1. Children’s Items

The most popular type of group on Facebook is one for parents. You can join them and sell your child’s old playthings and accessories. Items such as cots, baby clothes and toys sell very well on this website.

It is best to start locally and join groups for people in your area. You can use the search bar by looking up selling groups in your zip code. Once you join a group to sell products on Facebook, the website recommends other similar groups to you. It is best to join as many groups as you can to increase your chances of selling. Do not be afraid to venture out of your area by joining groups for the neighboring town.

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